Source Data Management

  • Flexibility

    We can pick up your data for processing from anywhere: FTP, cloud storage, email, web, APIs, manual drop off and many other are supported.

  • Formats

    We can process any structured data source: JSON, HTML, XML, CSV and Excel.

  • Auditing

    By tracking every data import we can safely perform reruns in the case of source data integrity issues.

  • Archiving

    After the raw input files are transformed into rows in a database, they are archived in redundant cloud storage.

Core Processing

  • Modeled

    For each data feed we create a data model of names, types, constraints and relationships. Your team will work within a dependable structure.

  • Parsed

    Smart parsers extract the data from your input files and gets it into a representation that matches your data model.

  • Transformed

    The parsed data will be error checked, enriched, (de)normalized and augmented to match how your business ultimately uses it.

  • Stored

    Once the data is in a pristine format, it is placed in a structured relational database putting all of that clean and well modeled data at your finger tips.

Managed Database

  • Accessible

    You can access your data in any way you like. From plugging in a business intelligence tool to running exports and queries, SQL is flexible and supports easy integration.

  • It’s a service

    We provide the servers and manage them. You don’t need to provision hardware or worry about maintenance and backup procedures.

  • Redundant

    We maintain multiple backups of your data, so if for any reason data is lost or corrupted, restoration is fast and seamless.

  • Scalable

    You may want more computing power as your business needs scale up. When this happens, we can quickly move you to a larger server.

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